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Jeff Klein and Klein Creative create Business Messaging that resonates with their clients' target prospects, turns them into customers, keeps them happy customers, and motivates them to tell their friends they should become customers.


Jeff has been telling the world what other people do for over 25 years. He started Klein Creative in 2001 and has been a sought after Public Speaker since 2004.

Jeff has enjoyed reaching thousands of professionals across North America with his talent as a creative Wordsmith. He has taught many ways to grow businesses by paying attention to the things companies say that resonate with target prospects and partners.


Jeff speaks to trade associations, sales organizations, national conventions, corporate teams, and business groups.


Jeff has received rave reviews for his individual and group programs that assist professionals, who are responsible for generating revenue, create great opportunities to sell. Training includes new messaging, identifying valuable target prospects, creating campaigns to drive traffic, getting results through existing and new relationships, and creating language that attracts the people his clients want to meet.


The companies Jeff has worked with include American Airlines, PepsiCo, Mary Kay, Southwest Airlines, EDS , Ford, BeautiControl, RadioShack, JCPenney, and Goodyear.

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